Africa REACH Leadership Council Meeting 7Aug 23

Africa REACH Leadership Council Virtual Meeting

What was the Objective of the Meeting?

The Africa REACH Leadership Council meets officially, twice a year, once in-person and one virtual meeting. This meeting was the first convening of the Council members post-launch.

What were some of the key take-aways?

  • The Leadership Council discussed Africa’s mission statement and made a case for re-commitment to fundamental principles of human rights and universal health coverage.  
  • Leadership Council Members who are also Members of Parliament are encouraged to engage with newly formed Parliamentary Task Force on Domestic Financing for Health in Africa. 

Who attended the workshop?

The meeting was attended by the Africa REACH Secretariat and 8 Leadership Council members, including the two co-chairs 

Next steps…

The Parliamentarian Task Force on Domestic Resource Mobilization for Health in Africa was launched on the sidelines of the African Union Summit in Nairobi, Kenya (July 2023) with the objectives of engaging parliamentarians in their respective countries on issues such as the mobilization of national resources for health; strengthening of community health; universal health coverage; and addressing gaps in funding for the fight against HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 

Members of Parliament from the Africa REACH Leadership Council will meet to discuss how they can utilize their advocacy voices to engage with this task force and ensure that healthcare funding for children and adolescents is tabled.