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Africa Reaching the End of AIDS in Children and Young People in Africa by 2025 (Africa REACH) is an African-led, African-focused effort that aims at an Africa with children and young people free from AIDS.

Africa REACH commenced its work in June 2022, after hosting the inaugural Leadership Council meeting. The initiative coalesces around the powerful elements of African political and cultural influence, together with intergenerational leadership to create a new action agenda around ending AIDS in children and young people in Africa. This is in response to the disproportions in HIV response for children and young people living with HIV.



Develop a continentally-agreed upon definition of the “end of AIDS in children and youth in Africa by 2025” and work with partners to hold countries accountable towards accomplishment of that goal.


Work with African partners to recognize a few countries that would benefit from additional technical assistance and support new country-led efforts to identify, advocate for, and advance programmatic and policy changes in country that will improve maternal, pediatric and adolescent HIV outcomes.


Create and cultivate an organized and active group of champions that can educate, inform and inspire the wide-range of audiences needed to combat compliancy on the continent and attract new allies to the ambitious goal of ending pediatric AIDS in children and youth in Africa.

To accomplish these objectives, Africa REACH will both create and enrich the following: African-led accountability towards paediatric and maternal HIV goals on the continent; global and continental momentum for renewed efforts to end AIDS in children and young people in Africa; and a centralized support mechanism to ensure that political commitments and public attention are translated into meaningful and sustainable national level action.

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Africa REACH Leadership Council

This renewed initiative will require new voices; consequently, the establishment of the Africa REACH Leadership Council (ARLC). The Council brings together a united group of strong African voices to change the HIV response in Africa and firmly assert Africa’s experiences and perspectives into international dialogues and commitments. The Council is comprised of highly influential individuals, business leaders, cultural powerbrokers, faith-based, traditional, and political leaders, that can amplify the paediatric and young people AIDS agenda beyond staid political venues. The Council will be supported by the Africa REACH Hub on programmatic activities that provide the much-needed visibility and vitality to ending AIDS in children and young people in Africa.

Africa REACH Hub

The Africa REACH Hub was established as a partnership between the Desmond Tutu Health Foundation (DTHF) and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) to centralize coordination of this multi-faceted continental initiative and advance identified national level action and implementation needs. Located in Cape Town, South Africa, the Africa REACH Hub manages the day-to-day aspects of the Africa REACH initiative as well as providing specific analytic and advocacy support as needed.
Sonia Ndimbira
Sonia Ndimbira
Campaign Lead
Olwethu Mlanzeli
Olwethu Mlanzeli
Communications and Advocacy Advisor

Africa REACH

Africa Reaching the End of AIDS in Children and Young People by 2025