What is Africa REACH?

Africa REACH is an African-led, African-focused effort intended to unify and amplify its strongest political and cultural forces to create true continental change and fulfil the promise of an AIDS-free generation in Africa.

Leadership Council

The Africa REACH Leadership Council will bring together a united group of strong African voices, not just to change the HIV response in Africa but also firmly assert Africa’s experiences and perspectives in international dialogues and commitments.

Our Goals

Key point about goals

The Africa REACH initiative will bring together the most powerful elements of African political structures, cultural influence and generational leadership to create a new action agenda around ending AIDS in children and youth in Africa.

Take Action

Key point about goals

Focusing greater attention on preventing new pediatric HIV infections and improving treatment for HIV positive children and youth will help reduce long-term health costs associated with lifetime care and treatment.


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September 30, 2022

International Workshop on HIV & Adolescents 2022 Cape Town, South Africa

October 5th –  October 7th

Africa Reach - Africa Reaching the End of AIDS in Children and Youth by 2025.