Africa REACH Strategic Plan (2023-2025)

Africa REACH Strat Cover Image 1

Africa Reaching the End of AIDS in Children and Young People in Africa by 2025 (Africa REACH) is an African-led, African-focused effort that envisions an Africa with children and young people free from AIDS. Our mission is to renew commitment, influence African political and cultural structures and intergenerational leadership, and accelerate continental momentum, to end AIDS among children and young people.

Africa REACH works with partners to hold countries accountable to ending AIDS in African children, advancing programmatic and policy changes to improve maternal, paediatric, and adolescent HIV outcomes, and mobilising champions to combat complacency on the continent and attract new allies to the ambitious goal of ending AIDS in children and young people in Africa.

Through implementation of its 2023-2025 strategy, Africa REACH will create and enrich African-led accountability towards paediatric and maternal HIV goals on the continent; strengthen global and continental momentum for renewed efforts to end AIDS in children and young people in Africa; and establish a centralized support mechanism to ensure that political commitments and public attention are translated into meaningful and sustainable national level action.